Lynetta Halat aka The skyrocketing Indie!


Okay, if you have not heard of this AMAZING book, all I can say is, you live under a rock!

This fabulous, genuine, sweet, honest and complete wonderful woman has written the most unbelievable story.  Lynetta Halat will keep Kleenex in business for YEARS!

A little birdie told me (well, uh okay, it was Lynetta) that she is releasing a much anticipated epilogue and BONUS scene.  And, if THAT wasn’t enough to make you want to roll over and experience an “O” than this surely will; if you purchased the book without these additions, she is giving them to you FOR FREE!!!!  I don’t know about you but I plan on puckering up and kissing her sweet little southern toes for that!

So, if you haven’t checked it out yet, what the goodness heck are you waiting for?



Every Rose can be described in one word: Fantastic! Mrs. Halat has exceeded every standard set forth by debut authors.  Her story was loving, her characters were relatable, and her talent is so evident on every page. She tells a story of two souls who were entwined from a young age and then destined to cross paths again, years later.  I was emotional, I was engaged, but above all I was entertained.  I found myself rooting for the characters to overcome their demons but also to find salvation in each other, and that is exactly what they did.  I dare anyone not to become emotional invested in this book themselves.  If you believe in destiny and fate, then this beautiful story is a must read for you.  The only thing I will give a warning on is, do not attempt to read this without a large supply of tissues near by.  I’m awarding this five stars, because I truly feel this story deserves it.  I loved this book!

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