Confessions Of A Book Heaux rated Three of Hearts 5 of 5 starsThis book was a breath of fresh air!!! I can’t believe how much I enjoyed reading it!! This book held my attention the way that high anticipated sequels hold my attention! I LOVED IT!

I’ve been reading so many books lately about Young Adults and teenage girls. It was a nice change to read about a WOMAN and a MAN.
Mae is just awesome! Mature, self sufficient, no baggage and she has a career.
She moves to Vermont for a change of pace and ends up renting an apartment from a widower named Seth. Seth is the father of two boys and one girl, while he’s doing a great job at it… You know there’s something missing from this family. Mae fits in perfectly, she’s a genuinely kind, gentle, and patient person!
I love their interactions, they waste no time getting straight to the point. Two people who think there could be something more than friendship between them. No games, no waiting… They go for it. What warms my heart even more is their consideration for the kids, they both make a conscious effort to make sure the kids are ok with what’s going on.
Seth just warms my heart! He’s so damn sweet!….. BUT I KNEW!!! Under all that sweetness making me swoon every other chapter.. Saying things like:

“Mae do you feel me deep inside you?” he asked huskily, and she nodded. Seth continued “What you feel is the love I have for you. Did you hear me Mae? I love you.” laid a man capable of pissing me off like no other.
Was a man capable of pissing me off like none other! AND BOY DID HE PISS ME OFF!!!!
I had to step away from my iPad and breathe, because I wanted inflict bodily harm on that man!!!
After the inevitable angst Mae stood her ground (I won’t elaborate because I don’t want to spoil it). And I was very proud of her!!!
This book ended perfectly! I felt satisfied and I’m so glad I took the time out the read this book!!!
I can’t wait to Read Three of Spades and EVERYTHING else Mrs. Ferraro releases! I’m definitely a fan!
Deb A. rated Three of Spades 4 of 5 stars
This book really did it for me! I’m the all time lover of angst, and I always want the Happily Ever After. But you don’t always know while reading the story if you’ll get that, so you read and you wait. Well, I absolutely loved this book and getting to the end was so worth the wait. I laughed and cried with the characters, and yelled at them when I didn’t agree with what they were doing. Don’t we all just love when the good girl and bad boy fall for each other? Don’t we all fall for the bad boy in books? You’re in for a romance ride with Dylan, he’s gonna have your heart in no time, it’s so easy to overlook things our bad boys do when it’s in a book. I loved the development of the story and the way everything was paced, slowly enough to appreciate everything that was happening in the sub stories and fast enough to keep the pages turning, always wanting to know more. This story was so full of surprises, twists, and secrets to be found out as the story went on. The relationship with Dylan and Natalie wasn’t rushed, it unfolded gradually so you could watch the love between them grow, you cheered for them to make it no matter the circumstances that brought them together. Dylan was the notorious playboy and no one, not even himself believed he could fall for the “good girl, the girl next door”, but he did, without even realizing it.  Natalie, the kindergarten teacher, devoted to her mother and her career sets out to find someone to pretend to be her boyfriend, but she got so much more than she could ever dream of. Being with Dylan changed Natalie in so many ways, and was fun to watch her develop from the quiet, shy girl, to the woman who won Dylan’s heart. This story was really well written, the character development was so good,everyone played a role that was essential to the story, no unnecessary characters or sub stories, this book will make you take notice of this author and want to read whatever comes next.  Don’t miss this book – be prepared to fall in love with Dylan and Natalie!
Reading is my Time Out  rated it  Three of Spades 5 of 5 stars
Ok…. So another Cross man stole my heart in Three of Spades by W. Ferraro. I devoured this book in one night…. Yes you read that right…. ONE NIGHT!!!! This is a MUST read and a well deserved 5 stars!!  Three of Spades by W. Ferraro is about a steamy, angst ridden, alpha male stud muffin going after the shy Kindergarten teacher and losing his heart to a woman for the first time ever!!
Dylan Cross is a successful general contractor in cahoots with his two long time best friends and is well known as being a love Em’ and leave Em’ man. That is until Natalie, the sweet Kindergarten teacher,  gives him a proposition he can’t refuse. Dylan isn’t sure what he is getting into when he accepts Natalie’s offer to “teach” her a thing or two about relations within the bedroom walls… Well in this book in was relations WHEREVER Dylan felt the need arise… Wowwy… Wow… Wow and did Dylan teach Natalie some things!!!!
Natalie is a mousy, absolutely nothing stands out about her, normal woman who has put her life on hold to take care of her dying mother. Her two brothers are complete douche bags and treat her as if she is hired help and has done nothing but get in their way her entire existence. Natalie’s mother is concerned that Natalie is going to grow old never finding love except for tray be the love of a 100 cats. She convinces Natalie that she needs to “live” and that means letting her mother live in a hospice. Natalie decides she needs to convince her mom that she is living and she doesn’t need to move into a hospice for Natalie to find love.
By a chance encounter Natalie bumps into…. Literally… None other than the hot sex fiend Dylan Cross. It was that moment that she decides he is “the one” to venture where no man has gone before and play the part of HER lover! I loved the relationship that developed between Dylan and Natalie. Three of Spades lured me in by the tale of two lost people, both who are viewed as having everything together, and how they find what they even never realized they were missing!
Great job by W. Ferraro at developing characters that her readers can relate to and creating a world we can get lost in! If you are looking for a hot, steamy, oh my gosh he did that???? Book… Here you go!!! A very well deserved 5 stars go to Three of Spades! Go 1- Click and jump on the I love Dylan Cross band wagon!!
Angiecakes  rated Three of Hearts 5 of 5 stars
This is a must read!!!! You will fall in love with Seth and Mae & you won’t want to put this page turner down!!!! Their is so much to love about this story and the characters.  You even fall in love with Seth’s three children!  The only thing wrong with this story is that it ended before I wanted it to! I can not wait to read more from this author!!!!
Nicole   rated Three of Hearts   4 of 5 stars
Mae was not your average beauty, she liked to refer to herself as pleasantly plump with emphasis on the plump. When Mae goes to look at an apartment, because she is sick of living with others, she finds the owner of the apartment Seth, who she believes maybe the biggest man (in the brawny kinda way)she’s ever seen. When Seth first lays eyes on Mae he sees a woman who jiggles in all the right places, and whose hips held a hypnotic sway. Seth is a single father of 3 kids with a housekeeper and Mae feels welcomed by them all. But we’ll let’s just say Seth isn’t all too happy with his attraction to Mae. But when the time comes its electric! The heat between these to was oh my! This story was also touching, funny and emotional. Ferraro takes us on a beautiful journey of five people becoming a family. Now the most important thing I can say when reading a book is if I would read something else written by this author? And the answer is yes. I will be reading three of Spades very soon.. I’m kinda hoping it’s Wes’s story but I’m pretty sure its going to be Dylan’s
Vicky   rated Three of Hearts  5 of 5 stars
I absolutely loved this book.  I couldn’t put it down once I started.  Seth and Mae are one of my favourite couples.  Their interaction is awesome.  I like that Mae was someone I could identify with, real and what can I say about Seth?Absolutely HOT and how hard he falls for Mae and so quickly, awesome!!!!!  He is a true alpha male and I LOVE that!!!!!!   This is definitely one I could read over and over and I plan I doing just that!!!!!!
Book Addict Mumma  rated Three of Spades 5 of 5 stars ·Wow what a read, W. Ferraro has done it again with the 2nd book in her series. Bad boy meets sweetheart loveable girl, it’s sweet, sexy and just an all round beautiful romance. Dylan is absolutely smoking hot  there was one quote in the book that did me in I won’t spoil it but it was beautifully written. Congratulations W. Ferraro, you hit the ball outta the park